We specialize in:
Water and fire cause and origin analysis
Plumbing code review and violations
Electrical code review and violations

​Centrix provides our customers with the best in product failure analysis, in-house, joint, and field examinations as well as collection and storage of evidence in our on-site climate controlled warehouse at unbeatable prices. Please contact us for our current price schedule.

Product Failure Analysis: 
Centrix specializes in subrogation claims for the insurance and legal industries. Our staff performs a complete and careful examination, testing, and analysis on each piece of evidence examined.  We perform non-destructive and destructive testing and examinations to determine cause of failure and a responsible party for the loss.  We provide failure analysis reports that are objective, clear, factual, and unbiased. Our reports are prepared in a timely manner and will help you quickly determine if there is subrogation potential.  We have three levels of failure analysis reports to meet any customer's needs.

Expert Testimony: 
Having a report that can not be backed up in arbitration or court does not serve our customer's needs. Our reports are prepared with this in mind, so we aim to have clear and understandable conclusions in every report. Our team of experts is always ready to support our customers in any litigation matter and to stand by our analysis and conclusions.

Mail-in program: 
Centrix provides kits that include self addressed shipping labels, containers, and packing instructions to help your field representatives send the evidence directly to our office. Or if you prefer, you may choose your own carrier and mail the evidence directly to us. We can also provide a custom solution to your evidence shipping needs. 

Nationwide evidence collection: 
Our evidence recovery experts typically collect evidence from your insured's residence or business within 3 business days of receiving the assignment. The evidence is then carefully prepared for shipment via standard carrier (i.e. UPS) or via freight. Simply email or fax your case information and we take care of the rest. We have flat evidence collection fees that are extremely competitive. We can collect anything from a small filter to a boiler.

In-house and Field Examinations: 
Our highly trained staff at Centrix provides hosting for in-house examinations so third parties may come and perform joint destructive and non-destructive examinations to determine the cause and origin of water and fire failures.  We are also available for field investigations when necessary. 

Evidence Storage: 
Safe and secure storage are key factors in the chain of custody and preservation of evidence. We provide both in our on-site climate controlled warehouse.  Not only does this mean that you can be assured that your evidence is safe, but that if you need it shipped within 24 hours, we can have it ready. Our rates are so reasonable that you may want to take advantage of storing your evidence with us, regardless of where any prior examinations were made.

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